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Simon Brightman, BSc, MBA, MSt (Cambridge)

Raphael Oidtmann, MA, MCL, MSt (Cambridge)

Raphael Oidtmann, MA, MCL, MSt (Cambridge)

 Simon Marc Brightman is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa, Telfer School of Management. His research interests include global strategy, data analytics and strategic decision making in government, international organizations, as well as private corporations.

Simon has lectured on technology commercialization, innovation and product development for over 10 years in private and public organizations.

Simon is a senior executive of data analytics technology firms, presently serving as Head of Data Strategy for Transunion. 

Simon holds a BSc. in Computer Software & Business Management, an MBA as well as a Masters in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Simon can be reached at +1-647-760-2517 or simon.brightman@gmail.com

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Raphael Oidtmann, MA, MCL, MSt (Cambridge)

Raphael Oidtmann, MA, MCL, MSt (Cambridge)

Raphael Oidtmann, MA, MCL, MSt (Cambridge)

Lecturer in International Law, Department of Law, University of Mannheim

Raphael joined the Department of Law of the University of Mannheim as a university teacher and research fellow in 2015. He completed master’s programs in politics (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), international and comparative law (University of Mannheim / University of Adelaide), and international relations (University of Cambridge).

Apart from serving in various capacities at the University of Mannheim, Raphael was also a research fellow at the Chair of Public Law, International and European Law, Media Law (Prof. Dörr) at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

His principal teaching and research interests lie in the fields of public international law, international criminal law, human rights, and the law of armed conflict as well as the interplay between international law and international relations. He has authored multiple publications in these areas, given various presentations at international conferences, and advised governments and NGOs. Raphael is an alumnus of the The Hague Academy of International Law and has held guest lectureships and appointments as a visiting scholar at universities in Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Raphael can be reached at  +49 621 181-1321

or raphael.oidtmann@jura.uni-mannheim.de


Research Summary

This research offers a normative study of organizational judgement and decision making within international organizations. It does so through the development and field testing of a framework for uniform analysis of organizational decision making tendencies.

The study allows to better understand and position the conscious and subconscious reasons that people and organizations act the way they do, drawing on a broad array of theoretical underpinning (including utility theory, bounded rationality, poliheuristic theory and others). It proceeds to offer an explanation of the implications for organizations, resulting from the manner in which they conduct their decision making.

Finally, it evaluates international organizations as test cases for broader application across other domains in both public and private sectors such as business, foreign policy analysis as well as NGO humanitarian initiatives. 

The findings demonstrate the utility of the developed assessment tool as a mechanism for better understanding the actions and tendencies of decision makers, as well as the possible implications from these actions. This is of direct use for the organizations themselves seeking to improve their decision making practices, as well as for external parties (partners or adversaries) engaging with the organization.


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Thesis - 2017 (pdf)