Research project - Organizational Decision Making in the Day


Purpose of the project

The purpose of this research project is to understand the decision making of organizations during and post the COVID-19 epidemic.

Why the project matters

The results will be used to help refine decision support models and tools in order to better support leaders’ activities, such as making proactive, informed, responsible and timely decisions to avoid watershed effects from the lack of decisive action taken to detect and mitigate spread of such types of impactful events.

How it accomplishes that

The project builds upon existing research that we have undertaken over time in this precise domain, although we never imagined that we would have the questionable “opportunity” to broaden our analysis to include a global pandemic of this nature.

Target market of this project

Individuals and organizations suitable for this research are mid-senior level individuals with responsibility for staff, budgetary and/or operational decisions within public, private as well as non-profit organizations, whether national or international in mandate, and currently operating in the face of COVID-19.

Who benefits from the project?

While your day to day is undoubtedly consumed by more pressing matters, we hope you can take a few minutes every day to complete the survey questions, without which we will be unable to improve the decision support capabilities of leaders and their organizations for future crises.

The Process

The first phase of this research is data collection. The method we have adopted is a simple daily survey consisting of 11 questions, requiring between 1-3 minutes of time to respond. Every series of responses represent the current period you are in. While it may appear that responses will repeat, your attention to each question every time is kindly requested so we can evaluate not just the state of affairs at a point in time, but also changes over time. 

The raw results collected will not be shared under any circumstances with any parties, outside of the primary researchers and their project teams. Participants will have access to their own aggregate results as well as project aggregate results and conclusions. While the questions may vary over time, these are the current ones we feel are most important.